Spring/Summer 2018

Design Comfort


Slow shoes

Design. The WOW factor is what we strive for in designing PoccoPazza. Looking gorgeous and walking extremely comfortable will help 'make your day'.


We choose the finest materials available and spend a lot of time not just getting it right, but excellent.

Passion. 100% handmade in Italy guarantees passion. In the small family owned and run factory in the Italian province Le Marche it’s never about quantity, it’s always about quality.


Passionate about life, passionate about tradition, passionate about fashion.

Perfect fit. Italian craftsmanship complemented with ingredients like removable insoles, whole, half sizes and four widths make PoccoPazza feel like 'wellness for your feet'.


By default nothing is standard. Every detail is custom made for the model. The shoe is kept on the last for a day. This

insures the footware won’t change shape during it's lifetime.


You could call them 'slow shoes'. We don't mind.

Fine Shoemakers



Dutch designer and owner of the brand. A woman in a men dominated industry. 

Always traveling trough Europe, insuring the best designs, materials and craftsmanship come together in making her lovechild PoccoPazza.

Dedicated to quality. Loving the Italian life and pursuing the dream of the perfect collection. Checkout the 'Lookbook' for more photos of creating PoccoPazza.


Maurizio and his family are dedicated making shoes in the best Italian tradition. He's the third generation proudly running the small factory.

His brother, sister and nephews al work together. Even the father of Maurizio (83) still takes his roll in the making of PoccoPazza. He visits the factory every afternoon and helps out by folding the small brochures being put in to the shoe boxes. Family, one of the best Italian traditions.


Technical designer of the collection, Alfio, takes an important role in translating fashion design in to the technical drawings.

He makes the ideas and sketches of Alinda come to life. Not rarely he is put to the impossible task of finding solutions making sure that the design is not only pretty but also very comfortable. This regularly results in to intense discussions between the two:-)


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